About Us

Why Foreign Translations?

You’ve done the hard work, built your business, and now it’s time to take your message or product/service to a bigger audience. Where can you go to help grow your business and find or expand to new customers? Foreign Translations is here to help. Learn about us, who we are, and how we can help.

About us – What we do

Foreign Translations is a professional language services provided based in the Carolinas. We combine the best linguistic talents with industry-leading software to provide world-class translations. As a result, we deliver accurate translations at a fair price.

Key Benefits
  • Qualified linguists who are experts in Your industry
  • Certified professionals by the ATA or other professional organization
  • Experienced experts with over 10 years in the industry

 What we stand for

Passion for Clients

We have a passion for clients. Because of this, we only partner with professional linguists who share our passion and standards.

Excellence in Service

We believe in quality and fairness, and these guide our actions. As a result, our team is devoted to delivering accurate translations.

Doing Right by You

We start with you in mind and tailor our approach to fit you. Consequently, our translations accurately relay your message.

 About us – Who we are

Velda Labbon – Sales & Marketing Manager

Velda has over 22 years experience in Sales and Marketing in various markets. Importantly, she has a successful history of helping companies excel.

In her free time, Velda enjoys spending time with her family, going to the beach, and traveling.

Laura Dalzine – Accounting Manager

Laura manages the accounting department, so she oversees the book-keeping and accounting tasks.

Laura brings over 26 years of experience in varied industries such as retail and hospitality.

She enjoys the outdoors as well as traveling.

Luz Torres – Senior Project Manager

Luz is an experienced project manager with over 10 years in the translations industry. She has a degree in nutrition and is certified in digital marketing.

In her free time, Luz loves learning new things, traveling around the world, and spending time with her family.

What we do

Accurate, Reliable Results

Certainly, everyone talks about quality and service. For us, it’s part of our core values. About us and who we are. When you partner with Foreign Translations, we ensure translation accuracy from start to finish. Most noteworthy, we believe in: 

  • Fair rates
  • Measurable quality
  • Profession services
  • Rapid delivery
  • Industry expertise

How we work

What our clients say about us

See our testimonial page. Let Foreign Translations give you peace of mind on all your multilingual needs.

Proud Partner!

The SDL Language Service Providers (LSP) Partner Program is a global community of language providers. Most importantly, it’s a state-of-the-art technology that we use to deliver an excellent product to you. At a fair price.

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