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Accurate Translation Services

The Best Linguists in your Industry! 

Foreign Translations combines the best linguistic talents with industry-leading software to provide world-class translation services. As a result, we deliver accurate translations at a fair price.


Key Benefits
  • Qualified linguists who are experts in Your industry
  • Certified professionals (ATA or their country’s equivalent)
  • Experienced experts – many with over 10 years translating

Our Core Values

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Passion for Clients

We maintain a passion for our clients, and our translators value this relationship. For that reason, we help you to reach your goals and audience in any language.

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Excellence in Service Quality

We believe in superior service and have a long track record of delivering quality translations. As a result, we only deliver work fully vetted translations.

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Doing Right by You

We start with you in mind and tailor a translation approach that’s right for you. Consequently, our translations reflect your message.

Our Management Team

image of Charles Hubbard - Director

Charles Hubbard – Director of Operations


Charles joined the Foreign Translations in 2007. Before this, he was an Arabic linguist and Signals Analyst for the U.S. Army.

Charles brings 20 years of experience in translation and interpreting in both the corporate and government sectors. 

He resides in Greenville, SC, with his wife and children.

Image of Velda Labbon

Velda Labbon – Sales & Marketing Manager


Velda has over 22 years experience in Sales and Marketing, working in varied fields such as media, TV and the Translations industry. She brings a long, successful history of helping companies excel.

In her free time, Velda enjoys spending time with her family, going to the beach and traveling.

Laura Dalzine - Accounting Manager

Laura Dalzine – Accounting Manager


Laura Dalzine manages the accounting department. In this role, she oversees the book-keeping and other accounting-related tasks, as well as financial vendor management.

Laura brings over 26 years of experience in varied industries, such as retail and hospitality.

She enjoys the great outdoors as well as traveling.

image of Luz T.

Luz Torres – Sr. Project Manager


Luz is an experienced project management expert in the translations industry. Luz has a degree in nutrition and is certified in digital marketing.

In her free time, Luz loves learning new things (such as learning how to code!), traveling around the world, and hanging out with her family.

Why Choose Foreign Translations?

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First of all, everyone talks about quality and service. For us, it’s part of our core values. When you partner with Foreign Translations, we ensure translations accuracy from start to finish. Most noteworthy reasons to partner with us include: 

  • Competitive Rates
  • Outstanding Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Fast Delivery Times
  • Industry expertise

Proud SDL Partner!

The SDL Language Service Providers (LSP) Partner Program is a global community of LSPs. We use state-of-the-art translation technology to deliver faster and better products to you. As a result, you’ll find rapid delivery and consistent messaging.


Over 225,000 translators and 80% of the localization community trust SDL’s industry-leading software. We are proud to partner with SDL and utilize their suite as a core platform for our translation technology.

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