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“Foreign Translations has always turned around first-rate work for Garrett in a timely manner. Their pricing is competitive and their follow-through skills are top-notch.”
Garrett Detectors

“I would like to thank you on behalf of Octoboard and our clients for your work. We appreciate you listening to our feedback and making it easy for our teams to follow the translation process. And of course, a big thank you from our clients – international businesses who appreciate our products translated into their native languages. We would like to be able to use your service and rely on your expertise in the future.”
Lara Russo, Octoboard

“We’ve worked with Foreign Translations for several years for the translation of our consumer manuals and sales materials. They’ve done an excellent job. Our sales people and consumers have had no complaints with word usage – a problem we had with prior translation companies. We’ve been pleased with turn-around time and pricing. I am happy to recommend Foreign Translations to anyone needing translation services.”
Laura W., Marketing Services Manager, Kirby

“A ‘must-have’ in your vendor list!. They are very professional, fast and competitive! Their team is stunning and you will not regret the service if you need something for yesterday. I highly recommend them!”
Alma T.

“BIG THANK YOU to Luz and the rest of the Foreign Translation team for their hard work in completing a multi-language translation project in less than one business day for a very urgent request my customer had. They handled it with the utmost professionalism and returned a completed product that was not only 100% accurate, but also very impressive in both quality and format. I have and will continue to recommend Foreign Translation to any one of my coworkers, vendors, or any other company or individual looking for a solution to their translation or local language needs.”
Philip G., International Operations, GIS

“Great job Charles, and great service. I have recommended your services to my immigration attorney, _ (name withheld), for future needs.”
Tommy K., Vision Screen Printing

“I’ve worked with Foreign Translations for more than a year and have always been impressed with the level of customer service and professionalism that accompanies every request. I would highly recommend them.”
Dave S. (Cyber-security e-Learning)

“I have always enjoyed working with your team and have appreciated their dedication to meeting our deadlines and their great work!”
Alicia M., Promotion Manager

“Great company for translation! Very quick turnaround time and many different dialects and language options. Their staff team has been very attentive to our needs and we are happy with the ongoing relationship at this time. Their rates compared to other services we looked into are very reasonable. Would highly recommend to others looking for a service!”
Cynthia B.

“Excellent quality with prompt quotes, communication, and turnaround of the project! Highly recommended!”
Darrell K.

“I have used Foreign Translations for quite a few projects and was very satisfied with their prompt and professional service.”
Gerald A.

“Thank you Alejandra! You and your team really came through for us on this one! We will definitely seek your expertise again in the near future!”
Beth L.

“Wow, that was super fast! I’m sure that will beat my department 🙂 Thank you!”
Sumi I.

“Foreign Translations offers an excellent service would recommend them to anyone.”
Stacy-Ann H.

“Excellent customer service, great turnaround time, they always work to meet our needs!”
Kim G.

“Oh my! Thank you so much for your incredibly speedy response! Appreciated!”
— Michele M., Project Leader

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