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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). We’re here to help. You too can benefit from over 20 years’ experience in translation and language arts. Our translation FAQs are built both for customer and linguist. Don’t see what you need? Contact us with your language question today!

What is translation service?

Translation service refers to rendering from one language to another using a professional and certified service provider. This can be a single linguist or a multi-lingual vendor. What makes the service relevant is using an experienced firm that has accredited credentials and verifiable background. Whether it’s the American Translators Association ATA (FT is a corporate memeber), local or regional affiliation (such as NAJIT), it’s important to work with a recognized company or individual.

What’s the difference between an interpreter and a translator?

One frequently asked question we receive is ‘do I need a translator or interpreter?’ Often used interchangeably, ‘translation‘ and ‘interpreting’ are distinct activities. A translator converts written language into a different language. An interpreter converts spoken language into a different language. Translators work in written language. Interpreters, in spoken language.

What are the best online translators?

Google Translate continues to be the go-to online translation tool for the past generation. While other platforms (most notably Bing Microsoft Translator) have made inroads – specifically through Microsoft’s API integration, Google Translate dominates the market. While the software has certainly improved over the years, the quality of its translations continues to lag behind that of a quality human translation. However, the platform continues to be a useful tool for gisting and for looking up terms.

Why use a Translations company vs Google?

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How much does translation cost?

An entire Translation FAQ could be devoted just to this category. At its base, translation cost is dictated by time, language, complexity, and quality.

The key questions to ask a language provider:

  • Can you meet my deadline?
  • Do you work in the language set(s) I need?
  • Will this be localized for the specified region?
  • What savings do you offer?
  • How will my translation be checked for accuracy?

What does an translator charge per hour?

The economics of translation largely impacted hourly rates. That is to say, the scarcity of the linguist, the language need, and that availability disproportionately impacts rates. A Spanish linguist in Argentina will not command the same hourly rate as that same professional linguist in Montreal or another major city where there is a need for Spanish communications.

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What translator is the best?

The secret to the best translator (or linguist) depends on you. At Foreign Translations, we make it simple. We only work with professional translators who demonstrate native command in 2 language sets, who work as a full-time translator, and who have completed at least 5 years’ training or experience in the industry.

Are there different kinds of translators?

Absolutely. Translators work in a variety of ways to include translation, editing, review, proof-reading, copy-editing, and localization. It’s worth mentioning that a good linguist identifies his or her areas of expertise and sticks with them. A good linguist knows what subjects they can (or should) work in. A good buyer would be wise to listen to them.

What makes the best Spanish to English translator?

The best linguists are native speakers, well educated, well practiced, and humble. The last item may be the most important. Language, much as people want to be consistent, changes over time, and it’s important for translators to keep up with those changes. For this reason, we place value on those Spanish to English translators who put the time in to continue his or her education and who spend time embedded in countries where they are not native speakers.

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