Brexit Translation: impacts to businesses

… and impacts to Brexit translation.

The three business languages of the European Union (EU) include English, German, and French. However, this may change once the UK fully departs the EU, because once out of the EU, only about 1% of the EU Population will speak English as its primary language. Let’s explore how Brexit and translation may be impacted.

From the UK

London has been a top destination for international businesses, but is position may change after Brexit. Other cities are already eyeing the chance to usurp London’s place as a business and finance centre. Certain companies, of course, will remain based out of London, but others may start re-centralizing out of the UK. These business decisions are expected to lead to a significant disruption in the translation industry.

How to deal with a Brexit translation disruption? 

Opinions and crystal-ball predictions exist in abundance when it comes to Brexit and its impacts, but the prudent approach is of course ‘don’t panic and be prepared.’ If Brexit impacts your business and livelihood, below are guidelines to consider how to navigate translation and Brexit changes.

Know your clients: 
  • Where do your clients operate, and are those sites part of the UK or EU?
  • Are your clients in jeopardy of moving in the near future? 
  • Will their needs change, grow, shrink?
Start a conversation: 
  • Open a dialogue with your clients.
  • Don’t be afraid to discuss Brexit and translations openly.
  • Ask your clients and suppliers about their thoughts or plans.
Stay on top of the developments: 
  • Keep up with current events.
  • Use online news filters and other tech aids to filter out the noise as much as possible.
  • Seek legal and professional advice.
  • Review your company and its organization. Use this as a chance to reflect on your business direction. 
  • Ask the tough questions like “Why is this impacting me? What can I do to minimize the impact that may be negative? How can I maximize the positive impacts?”

In summary, don’t panic, be prepared, and this may work out to your (business) advantage.

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