20 years of Translations!

Google wasn’t the only great thing that started 20 years ago!


As we complete 20 years translating, we take a moment to reflect and to thank our clients for their continued trust and partnership.

Foreign Translations began in 1998, and after 20 years of translations, we are proud be a part of the dynamic and fast-changing translations industry.

So how does a small firm survive 20 years translating in a competitive market?

Simply, we owe it to our core values. For all of us, our Core Values are more than just catchy phrases, they are who we are and what we strive for everyday.

Core Values

  • Passion for our clients: We have a passion for clients and only partner with linguists who share this passion.
  • Excellence in Service Quality: We believe in quality service and have a track record to prove it. As a result, we only deliver accurate translations.
  • Doing it right for you: We start with you in mind and tailor our approach to fit you. Consequently, our translations reflect your message.

So, why does a client select a vendor who has 20 years translating? We know you have choices, and we love being a part of your business and part of your solution. It is indeed an honor for each of us at Foreign Translations, one that we do not take for granted.

Over the years our client base and projects has also evolved – today it’s not just creating material for foreign markets or products, but much more. We offer a vast array of translation services to help companies succeed in an ever-changing global landscape.


If you need to communicate to your customers or employees in
2 or more languages, we can help!

As our journey continues, we are confident in our ability to deliver consistent, professional translations to our clients. Our team is as committed to growing and evolving as the industry demands – keeping true to who we are: delivering quality work, excellent service, and a fair price.

From all of us as Foreign Translations – Thank You for the 20 years translating!

We wish you peace and prosperity in 2019 and beyond.

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