FT Covid-19 Release

FT Covid-19 (update 9/01/2020)

Dear Clients and Colleagues,

We realize these are trying times. We urge you to follow recommendations from your local leaders in regards to Covid-19. Stay safe. Exercise precaution to minimize exposure for you, your colleagues, and loved ones.

As we learn to manage the reality of Covid-19 (CDC link here), we want you to know that we’re available, and we’re committed to working with you to deliver your translations needs. We’ve initiated our emergency contingency plan and all facets of business will remain open and available to you.

If you need support to deliver important health-related communications, we are available to translate your content in any language, on any platform. All Covid-19 projects will receive a 10% discount throughout the period of this pandemic.

Lastly, we value our partnership, and we value your safety. Take care, be safe, and we’ll be here as we move through the Covid-19 crisis together.

FT Management


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