Italy Pics

Pics of Italy from a recent FT adventure

Bored with the Covid-19 shutdown? Stressed juggling between work and kids? Foreign Translations is here to help! Most importantly, come with us as we walk through the Italy, and view Italy pics from our staff’s Mediterranean cruise.

Tuscany & Florence

Pics of Italy from the amazing Tuscany region and its regional capital Florence. Sites include a Tuscan winery and the Florence Cathedral.

Rome and the Vatican

Pics of Italy from the capital Rome. Views include the Colosseum, Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica, and city sites. Likewise, enjoy!

Sorrento and Naples

You’ll find Pics of Italy from Sorrento and Naples, so enjoy the sites!

Stone bodies of Pompeii

The mysterious city of Pompeii. Experience these images from the famed city. Captions were removed to let the pics speak for themselves.


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