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Foreign Translations Services

Foreign Translations provides the full spectrum of language solutions, and we have the resources to help. Whether you’re breaking into a new market or you have an established presence, we have the language solutions to help you communicate in any language and any country.

Language Solutions by markets

North American markets

Start with the big three language sets: English, French, and Spanish. While English is the official language of the US, the country is home to millions of non-native speakers. Next are Haitian Creole or native languages like Navajo. Canadian French is unique from French throughout the globe.

South American markets

Spanish and Portuguese are the 2 dominant language sets. French, English, and Dutch are also official languages. Find tailored approaches for the Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish. Localizing with in-country linguists is also available. Here’s a post about the difference between Brazil and Portugal.

European markets

Europe is diverse by language and submarkets. Whether you need the larger markets of western Europe like Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or English, or unique regions (like Nordic or Baltic countries), we have the teams to help.

African markets

Like Europe, Africa contains many diverse and unique language sets and submarkets. When working with a translations provider, it’s important to partner with a team that only works with native speakers who are fully bilingual. Click here for a guide in sourcing translation providers.

Asian markets

As the largest continent, Asia also houses a wide variety of language to include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, and many others. Whether bidirectional or character-based, you can rely on our extensive teams of linguists. Many specialize in unique industries to provide tailored support for your unique projects.

What our customers are saying

“BIG THANK YOU to Luz and the rest of the Foreign Translation team for their hard work in completing a multi-language translation project in less than one business day for a very urgent request my customer had. They handled it with the utmost professionalism and returned a completed product that was not only 100% accurate, but also very impressive in both quality and format. I have and will continue to recommend Foreign Translation to any one of my coworkers, vendors, or any other company or individual looking for a solution to their translation or local language needs.”

― Philip G.

“Great company for translation! Very quick turnaround time and many different dialects and language options. Their staff team has been very attentive to our needs and we are happy with the ongoing relationship at this time. Their rates compared to other services we looked into are very reasonable. Would highly recommend to others looking for a service!”

― Cynthia B.
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