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Foreign Translations has delivered quality French translation since 1998. We maintain a team of seasoned French linguists across the globe. Consequently, our team allows us to deliver rapid, high-quality translations to you. We work across disciplines including technical, legal, health care, scientific, and financial fields.

Whether French to English or English to French, we deliver quality translations that adhere to professional ethics. However, it takes more than great linguists. Our team allows us to tailor your message, so it reaches your French speaking audience on your platform.

Professional Translations
Translation services

Quality French translation requires competence, experience, and expertise. That is to say, our team marries these qualities. We use state-of-the-art technology and an ethically driven workforce to deliver for you. Whether your audience is in Paris or Quebec, we have the right people for you. Industries served include:

  • Technical
  • Legal
  • Health care
  • Scientific
  • Banking
Professional design services

Design work (Desktop Publishing or DTP) involves taking your design work and repurposing it for a French audience. Our graphic team takes your work to the next level, and our French teams ensure it hits the right notes. For instance, we work in:

IT Services
IT services

We provide French translations for all software and information technology (IT) platforms. Let us take your platforms and help you reach your French-speaking audiences. For example, our IT and web translations support:

  • iOS and Android Applications
  • Websites (any platform)
  • User Interfaces (UI)
  • Gaming
Multimedia Services
Voice-over services

Delivering your French translation in spoken or video form can be a powerful tool. Our team takes your audio and visual content and adapts it for your French audience. In short, we offer:

  • Voice-over
  • Captioning or subtitling
  • eLearning
  • Trancription

To sum up, Contact Us now to schedule your free consultation.

Excellent quality with prompt quotes, communication, and turnaround of the project! Highly recommended!

Darrell K.

Why Foreign Translations?

  • With over 20 years experience, we serve a variety of customers such as federal and state entities, non-profits, corporations, and small businesses. As a result, we have an extensive team.
  • We only use the best linguists, so your work is done right. Native speakers are vital, and we only work with experts in their field. Consequently, your French translations are targeted
  • We take your platform, so you do what you do best. Our team includes designers, IT, and voice-over professionals, and this lets us deliver your message on your terms.
  • In other words, our French translation experts and dynamic team delivers quality and nuance on any platform.

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