Language List

Below is a list of languages supported by Foreign Translations. Regardless of the locale we have the right linguist for you. The details are broken out by region, so if you don’t see the language you need in our language list, Contact a team member today. In short, we are here to help.

North America

From U.S. states Alaska and Hawaii on its west to Panama on the south to Greenland on the North and east, North America is home a small but influential group of lanaugaes

  • English: United Stated and Canada
  • Spanish: U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico, and a variety of Central and Caribbean locales
  • French: Canada
  • Creole: French, Caribbean, Haitian
  • Native American: Various varieties
  • ASL: American Sign Language

South America

Located along the equator to its north and being the closest area to Antarctica, South America is a diverse region known predominantly for Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

Western Europe

Rich in history and culture, western Europe is the home language for many of the languages of the Americas.

  • Portuguese: Portugal
  • Spanish: Spain
  • French: France, Belgium
  • English: United Kingdom
  • Dutch: Netherlands, Belgium
  • German: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland
  • Italian: Italy
  • Flemish: Belgium

Eastern Europe

South of the Nordic countries and running east to the Meditterean and Aegean seas, eastern Europe is a patchwork of countries and locales.

  • Russian: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia
  • Polish: Poland
  • Czech: Czech Republic
  • Slovak: Slovakia
  • Hungarian: Hungry
  • Slovenian: Slovenia
  • Croatian: Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro
  • Bosnian: Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Serbian: Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro
  • Albanian: Albania
  • Macedonian: North Macedonia
  • Greek: Greece
  • Bulgarian: Bulgaria
  • Romanian: Romania
  • Ukrainian: Ukraine

Nordic & Baltic Languages

Nordic (sometimes referred to as North Germanic Languages) languages stretch across the north Atlantic through the North Sea to the Baltic Sea.

  • Swedish: Sweden
  • Norwegian: Norway
  • Danish: Denmark
  • Icelandic: Iceland
  • Finnish: Finland
  • Estonian: Estonia
  • Latvian: Latvia
  • Lithuanian: Lithuania

Middle East and surrounding regions

Noted for it bi-directional language sets, middle east covers from north Africa along the Mediterranean Sea through south Asia.

  • Arabic: Arabic speaking countries that are part of the Arab League
  • Turkish: Turkey
  • Hebrew: Israel
  • Farsi: Iran
  • Dari: Afghanistan
  • Pashto: Afghanistan
  • Urdu: Pakistan
  • Armenian: Armenia
  • Azeri (Azerbaijani): Azerbaijan
  • Georgian: Georgia

Sub-Saharan Africa

The area south of the Sahara desert is known as Sub-Saharan Africa and includes African countries that are not part of the Arab League.

  • Swahili: Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bajuni Islands, South Sudan, and various other locales
  • Zulu: South Africa, Lesotho, Eswatini
  • Afrikaans: South Africa
  • Mandinka: Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea
  • English: widely spoken in the region
  • Arabic: Sudan, Mauritania

Central and South Asia

From former U.S.S.R. countries to countries along the Bay of Bengal, locales in central and south Asia include a diverse and unique group of languages.

  • Kazakh: Kazhkstan
  • Uzbek: Uzbekistan
  • Turkmen: Turkmenistan
  • Kyrgyz: Kyrgyzstan
  • Taji: Tajikistan
  • Mongolian: Mongolia
  • Nepali: Nepal
  • Hindi: India
  • Sinhala: Sri Lanka
  • Tamil: Sri Lanka, India

Southeast and far East Asia

one of the fastest growing regions in the world, southeast and far east Asia is home to a diverse group of languages and cultures.

  • Simplified Chinese: China
  • Traditional Chinese: Hong Kong, Taiwan
  • Japanese: Japan
  • Korean: South Korea
  • Filipino: Philippines
  • Tagalog: Philippines
  • Bengali: Bangladesh
  • Bermese: Myanmar
  • Karen: Myanmar
  • Thai: Thailand
  • Lao: Laos
  • Khmer: Cambodia
  • Vietnamese: Vietnam
  • Malay: Malaysia, Singapore
  • Indonesian: Indonesia
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