Multimedia Services

With multimedia services, we produce your videos and your content in any language

See how Foreign Translations can take your audio/video content to the next level. Our multimedia service combines language and production experts to convert your audio and video for any locale. Most importantly, we communicate your content accurately and for the right audience.

Audio/Video Productions
Voice Over

Voice-over involves adding audio to a media platform (in either video or audio output). Benefit from a talent pool that includes hundreds of professional voice talents. Our members have appeared in a variety of mediums. These includes movies, radio, documentaries, and corporate training. Moreover, we have the right multimedia services team for you!


Transcription involves taking audio to a written format. The standard practice transcribes first, then translates. We offer a tiered set of options. These include transcribe, transcribe and translate, and translate audio directly.

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Subtitling involves converting spoken text and adding it a video. (Other details may be added based on context and video.) This can include English (see closed captioning) or translated subtitles. Media translation must be engaging and reflect the intent of the original video. In short, we make your video accessible.


Multimedia services works in several platforms; however, Foreign Translations has a team of designers and producers that can help. Our fully staffed production team allows us to deliver your product in any language and on any platform.

To sum up, contact us today for your free media services consult.

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