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Audio & Video Productions

Voice Over

Voice-over involves inserting an audio recording onto a media platform (in either video or audio format). Select from a talent pool that includes hundreds of talented and professional speakers. Our talents have appeared in movies, radio, and a variety of fields.


Transcription involves converting audio text to written format. It’s standard practice in the industry to transcribe, then translate. Foreign Translations offers transcription services that convert spoken word into a Foreign Language.


Subtitling involves placing translated text onto a video screen. The translation should be engaging and reflect the intent and message of the video. Our multimedia production team takes the translations and places them into your video.


Multimedia functions across multiple platforms. Foreign Translations maintains a fully staffed team of designers and producers. This feature allows us to deliver your product in any language and on any platform.

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Multimedia Laptop

Translation Standards

Standards and Quality go hand in hand.  You do not need standards to produce good quality, but to consistently deliver quality – to deliver sustained quality – you must adhere to the right standards!

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Netflix & Hermes

This article discusses Netflix’s bold and innovative move to vet, test, register and utilize translators worldwide to provide accurate sub-titling and other translation services for Netflix’s media products. Called Hermes – this is yet another conspicuous example of how the Translations Industry permeates our lives – even our leisure time.

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