Telephonic Interpreting

Over-the-phone Interpreting or OPI

Over-the-phone Interpreting is an interpretation service where one can obtain an interpreter over the phone to help with interpreting needs. OPI is sometimes simply referred to as Telephonic (or telephone) Interpreting.


You can leverage our team whenever and wherever you need them. Work with as many linguists as you need in any language.


With connection times as quick as 5 seconds, you can begin communicating in any language you need.


Benefit from the ability to communicate with clients or team members in their mother language.

“Great company for translation! Very quick turnaround time and many different dialects and language options. Their staff team has been very attentive to our needs and we are happy with the ongoing relationship at this time. Their rates compared to other services we looked into are very reasonable. Would highly recommend to others looking for a service!”

Cynthia B.

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